Angebote für Geflüchtete / Services for refugees

Welcome to Germany – welcome to our library

How to use our library
The Public Library supports the integration of refugees and considers its wide range as a bridge between people and countries. As different as the countries of origin , languages, experiences and motivations of individuals are – we all welcome you and provide any possible support for children, youth and adults.

Welcome words in German and English

Information in different languages:
French English Arabic Turkish Ukrainian

Flyer Deutsch lernen


Link collection for Ukrainian refugees

Learn German

Free picture dictionary – German-Ukrainian / German-Arabic (
This project was created to simplify communication for refugees and all volunteers.

Booklet for learning German – Ukrainian, Arabic and many more languages (
The Flüchtlingshilfe München e.V. provides a booklet for learning German in 22 languages ​​for download.

Library card

With your library card you can borrow media like books (fiction and non-fiction) , childrens books, newspaper and magazines, comics, audio books, CDs, DVDs and of course language training sets (book+audio). Library cards are issued at the service desk in the library on presentation of a valid ID with photo and a residence certificate. The library card is not transferable. 


How long?
The borrowing periods are:
books: 4 weeks
CDs, Games, Magazines, Comics: 2 weeks
DVDs & BluRays: 7 days
electronic media:
eBooks: 21 days, eAudio: 14 days, eMusic und eVideos: 7 days, eMagazines: 1 day, ePaper: 1 hour

How many?
The number of items is limited to 5

How much does it cost? 
Our introductory offer for refugees provides 3 month free of charge. After this period you will need to pay the annual fee for Gladbeck Card holders which is 4,-€. Media like DVDs, BluRays, CDs and Games with an extra labelling are excluded from this offer and an additional charge is taken from everyone for borrowing.


You can renew items twice provided the media have not been reserved by someone else and except for items ordered by interlibrary loan. Renewal is possible at all service desks in the library, by phone: 02043-99 2658 or online via our online catalogue. Note that you will need your ID number and your password which is usually your date of birth (written like this: 01.02.1985). Renewals are free except for DVDs, CDs and media with an extra labelling. 


Items must be returned by the date shown on the receipt issued to you when borrowing. If you fail to return by that date, you will be charged a fine.
All items must be returned complete and undamaged. If anything should be damaged or lost, you will be required to pay for it.


You can reserve items that are currently on loan in the online catalogue or at our information desks. A charge of 1,-€ per item is due as soon as the reserved items are available for your use.